New Blog, Same Wombat

Hi.  For those who don’t know me, I’m Matthew Dawson, aka Wombatron or Anarchowombat.  I’m a neo-Aristotelian in philosophy, and a left-libertarian market anarchist in social/political theory.  I’m going to use this blog for my hopefully coherent rants on philosophy, technology, politics, economics, speculative fiction, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  I’ve decided to stop posting at my old blog, TechnoEudaimonia, and start a new one for several reasons.

1.  WordPress has much better options and themes than Blogger did.  The Dashboard gives you a lot more control than Blogger’s.  The email-like post maintainence is also nice.

2.  New name and URL.  The old one (TechnoEudaimonia) was cool, but really awkward to say.  Also, as time has passed, I’ve put less and less emphasis on my transhumanism (although I assure you, its still there), and the old title was meant to directly reflect that.  Re-reading Henry Veatch’s (excellent) Rational Man gave an great idea for a blog name: The Examined Life.  The URL is also easier to navigate to.

3.  This really should be part of 1, but I thought it merited special attention: the ability to add pages to the blog is very nice.  My old one was cluttered with links all over the sidebars, which looked tacky and was difficult to maintain.

And now to more editing!


~ by wombatron on 01/29/2009.

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