Top 10 Firefox Add-ons

One of the best things about Mozilla Firefox is the add-on system.  You can install new themes, browser plug-ins, and hundreds of extensions.  Some of these add-ons, I think, are absolutely essential to the browsing experience.  So, here is my top 10 list of Firefox extensions.

1. Adblock Plus

This add-on allows you to block all of those annoying ad banners that take longer to load than the rest of the site.  Once installed, a discreet “Block this” button will appear on suspected ads.  It also synchs with a filter that automatically blocks most ads.

2. NoScript

I think that this add-on is absolutely essential, especially if you are still running Windows (for whatever reason).  It automatically blocks all scripts from running on pages, to protect you from attacks.  You can add a site to a trusted list with an intuitive toolbar that pops up when a script attempts to run.

3. CustomizeGoogle

This handy extension enhances Google search results by adding links to other sites, such as Yahoo! and, and removes unwanted information like ads and spam.  Once you try, you’ll want to install it on every computer that you ever use again.

4. Tab Mix Plus

This add-on ads a lot of functionality to Firefox’s tab system.  You can drag and drop to re-order tabs, and easily lock, protect, and duplicate tabs through the context menu.  It also installs a session manager, that allows you to re-open the last 10 tabs that you closed.

5. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

If you have more than one computer that you use, you need Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer.  It will work in the background to keep you bookmarks synchronized with a central server, and also your passwords, if you choose.  You can also access you bookmarks online.

6. Download Statusbar

This add-on replaces Firefox’s admittedly bulky download window with a simple statusbar to pops up above the main statusbar when you start a download.  There are all kinds of options, including the option to play a sound when the download is complete.

7. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon will revitalize your Web browsing experience.  It will ask you about your interests, and then show you websites you never would have imagined matching those.  You can also link up with friends and send them sites you think they would like, and meet people with simliar interests to you.  The toolbar also has a button to open or hide it, something that is very handy if you value screen-space.  Go to their home page for more info.

8. Video DownloadHelper

This useful extension allows you to download videos from YouTube and hundreds of other simliar sites.  It also works for picture galleries and audio files.

9. Mr Tech Toolkit

This add-on adds a large number of useful buttons and menu bar option to help control your extensions and config.

10. Menu Editor

You probably have a bunch of unwanted options in your context menu and menu bar.  The Menu Editor will allow you to manually add or remove existing options to the menu bar and to both the main and tab context menus.

Honorable mention to Webmail Notifier (supports Gmail, Yahoo!, and many others), Google Redesigned (completely changes the look of Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Reader) and Stop-or-Reload Button (replaces the Stop and Reload buttons with a single button to save space).

~ by wombatron on 01/30/2009.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Firefox Add-ons”

  1. I think you forgot to include:

    WebDeveloper – A bunch of options like validation, outlining elements, checking the DOM, etc. I find it most useful for disabling CSS styles for printing purposes faster than doing it officially via Firefox (move mouse to top menu- View – disable page styles vs. right click – CSS – disable styles).

    [url: ]
    Windows & Linux

    ColorZilla – Basic & handy eye dropper with colors wheels etc. Great for grabbing the HEX number that attractive color on the web page.

    [url: ]
    Windows & Linux (mileage may vary, but I’ve gotten it working, and there should be a forum post for it working on ubuntu anyway 🙂

    FireFTP – A much more basic & oddly faster FTP client than FileZilla, it’s basically a modern version of WS_FTP in a small plug-in. It also lets you save FTP preferences, and lets you right-click on files & launch external editors (notepad, etc.)

    [url: ]
    Windows & Linux

    X-Ray – Great supplement to the webdeveloper plug-in, this displays all the tags in a web page in real-time (it super imposes the tags on the actual web page, showing where the content begins and ends in the allotted tags). Very useful for noobs just beginning HTML, and a very excellent tool for debugging stubborn CSS.

    Windows & Linux

    Stylish – An interesting plug-in that lets you, Greasemonkey style, over-ride CSS styles globally. This is great if you want to go back to an older or alternative layout (i.e. for Last.Fm, Facebook), or if you want to take a stab at make a global print style to override whenever you visit certain sites.

    [url: ] *Plugin
    [url2: ] *For Stylish scripts
    Windows & Linux (I think; should work on Ubuntu)

  2. Valuations are subjective! 🙂

    To be serious, I do use Web Developer, and I used to use FireFTP back when I ran Windows (I find gFTP better now; Linux is a lot better about network stuff like that than Windows). I’ve never heard of X-Ray or Stylish, thanks for the heads-up.

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