Hi.  I’m Matthew Dawson, aka wombatron.

This blog is about philosophy, technology, speculative fiction, political economy, and my take on current events.  As far as philosophical views go, I am broadly neo-Aristotelian, heavily influenced by Ayn Rand, Henry Veatch, Roderick T. Long, Chris SciabarraDouglas B. Rasmussen, Douglas J. Den Uyl, and Geoffrey Allan Plauché.  My social and political views are a form of left-libertarian market anarchism, influenced by agorism, mutualism, libertarian transhumanism, and crypto-anarchismMurray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich HayekSamuel E. Konkin III, Benjamin Tucker, and Kevin Carson are some of the thinkers that inform my social and political views, in addition to the ones already mentioned above.

I am also an advocate of free/open-source software (F/OSS).  I think that software is best developed on a peer-to-peer basis, with the source code open and available to anyone.  Thus, I run Ubuntu 9.10  “Karmic Koala” (one of the most popular Linux distros) as my operating system, and I use OpenOffice.org and Mozilla Firefox for my office and Web needs, respectively.

I am currently attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where I am studying computer science and entrepreneurship.  I may get a Bachelor’s degree, or go for a Master’s.  In my spare time, I surf the web, read (mostly science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with some pop science and philosophy and economics texts thrown in for fun), play video games (currently Spring, Halo 3, and Modern Warfare 2), and listen to music (mostly metal, hardcore, industrial, and electronic, although I like a little of almost everything).  I currently post on the Mises Community and the Forums of the Libertarian Left (which I admin).

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